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Air Drying Solvents


Automotive Transmission Fluids

Automotive Greases


Brake Fluids – Universal


Chain Saw Oils

Compressor Oils – Mineral / Synthetic

Concrete Mould Oils

Cutting Oils


Degreasing Fluids

Dewatering Fluids

Diesel Engine Oils – Industrial / Marine


Engine Lubricants – All specifications including combined diesel & petroleum multigrade. SHPD & LOW SAPS grades plus Vintage Vehicle Grades.


Flushing Oils

Gear Oils – Automotive / Industrial / Marine

Gear oils – Synthetic extreme duty

Graphited Lubricants

Greases – multipurpose / water repellent / heat resistant & semi fluid

Grinding fluids – all types

Heat Treatment Oils – hardening & quenching

Heat Transfer Fluids

Hydraulic Fluids – mineral extreme pressure / fire resistant grades

Hydraulic Jack Oils


Machine Tool Lubricants

Marine Oils

Moly Lubricants

Motor Oil

Mould Release Agents


Neat Cutting Oils


Penetrating Fluids

Quenching Oils


Refrigerant Oils & Fluids

Rust Preventatives – Fluids / Compounds


Soluble Cutting Oils

Spindle Lubricants

Spark Erosion Fluids

Steam Cylinder Oils

Straight Motor Oils

Tapping Compounds

Tipping Gear Oils

Transformer & Switchgear Oils

Transmission Oils

Two Stroke Oils – Industrial / Marine

(2T; semi synthetic & bio degradable)

White spirit

We are distributors for Total, Shell, Q8, Mac Dermid, DEB Chemical, BP, EXOL Lubricants and many more

We also have a range of own brand products, contact us for details