Automotive Oils & Lubricants

Our commitment is to be the premier distributor of lubricants in the South of England. As well as offering high technological knowledge, our innovative selection of products are specially designed for Saving fuel (Fuel Economy oils), protecting the environment (low SAPS range) and enhancing your engine’s performances.

The products we stock for the automotive market are formulated to give the following benefits:-

  • Excellent lubrication over a wide temperature range
  • Ease of cold start combined with rapid circulation
  • Reduced wear and oil consumption
  • High level of engine cleanliness
  • Lower emissions
  • Compatible with catalytic converters
  • Protection from combustion contaminants

Our engine oils are selected to give the utmost protection to all types of petrol, diesel and mixed fleet applications.Our range caters for the latest technology engines through to vintage designs. Our automotive product range is complimented by the availability of a comprehensive range of gear and transmission oils, suspension fluids, greases, antifreeze and other ancillary automotive products.